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Netflix vs. Hulu: A Comprehensive Comparison

There was a time when the only things we subscribed to was the local newspaper and a cable TV package. This, however, has changed. We now have more subscriptions than we can keep track of. Netflix and Hulu are the few things that come to mind every time you hear […]

10 Types of Investors for Startups

So, you’re an entrepreneur with an extraordinary idea for a startup which is surely going to disrupt the existing market; and now all you need is some funding to convert this idea into an ideal business. But the big question is – Who will fund your idea and why? Generally, […]

Startup Bootstrapping: A Detailed Guide

Being an entrepreneur, you have four usual funding options. These include – Now, when we talk about bootstrapping a startup, we refer to how you can skip the first three options of the list above and launch your startup using your own funds. Even though the funds might be limited […]

Brand Building: A Complete Guide | How To Build A Brand

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room. – Jeff Bezos Well, no one would agree to this more than Pepsi. Launched in 1965, the company was almost never able to win the customers away from Coca-Cola for nearly 10 years even […]

22 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Online Stores

2shares 1 1 What started in the USA is now a worldwide phenomenon – the two biggest shopping days for online retailers when millions of transactions take place with billions of money involved – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re an online retailer planning for ways to increase your […]

What is Payroll? – Components & Payroll Process

Payroll processing is one of the most tedious jobs of the month for the HR department of any company. While the hard work pays off eventually, the employees get to have an insight into their performance. So, what exactly does payroll mean and why are organizations today much more concerned […]

Brand Management – Definition, Functions, & Process

4shares 2 2 A usual day in the office life of a brand manager would be to plan and execute strategies to resonate the brand with the needs, wants, and desires of his target customers. His usual job is to make them think of the brand as something to look […]

4 Uncommon Ways To Get Your Startup’s First Customers

4shares 3 1 The first customers are the hardest. You have no brand, no track record, and (usually) no network. You’re starting from zero and need to work your way up. This is a unique opportunity to build a meaningful company. But getting the first customers in the door can […]

The 10 Biggest Competitors Of Facebook

4shares 2 2 Whenever we think to spend some time on social media, one name that surely comes to our mind is Facebook. Ranked as #1 social media platform with more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is now almost synonymous to social media. It offers features like instant messaging, […]

Workaholic & Workaholism: Signs, Effects, & How To Cope With It

4shares 2 2 You might be an entrepreneur, an office worker or even a college student, working your level best to keep going, getting your work done, chasing those deadlines, pushing your limits to get to what you’ve always wanted for yourself and others. And what of course would be […]