Accelerator vs. Incubator: A Comprehensive Comparison

The terms startup accelerator and startup incubator might seem like they have the same meaning: to help your business grow. They are often interchangeably used, but both differ a lot from one another. While one helps established businesses grow quickly, the other helps flesh out the details in starting a […]

8 Important Tax Deductions for Freelancers and Contractors

February 18, 2020 This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. Tax season is here and even if you’re a procrastinator, don’t wait until the last minute – especially if you freelance or have a side hustle. Tax season can be a very stressful time for some […]

How To Get A Startup Idea? [Comprehensive Guide]

Startup ideas are great. They make us feel like we are onto something. Something really big. And for some people, coming up with these ideas is as easy as finding the right song on Spotify. For others, it’s nearly impossible. Take this for example – I’ve been living in this […]

What Is Corporate Communications? – Importance, Components & Strategies

A popular T-shirt brand sends out a new Instagram promo about a flash sale. Someone slips a brochure from a new local deli under a student’s dorm room door. The video of the latest launch from a major tech brand is up on YouTube. The daily newspaper features an apology […]

Google My Business: FAQ for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

How should I get listed in Google My Business if I’ve got multiple businesses at the same address? How many listings am I eligible for if I’m legitimately running more than one business at my location? What determines eligibility, and what penalties might I incur if I make a mistake? […]

How Does Shopify Work? | Shopify Business Model

A business can easily increase their reach by creating an ecommerce store that either reflects its physical stores or acts as the primary store. This sudden rise in the number of online stores is in a way powered by services like Shopify. So – What exactly is Shopify? Let’s find […]

How to Get Your Web Developer on Board with SEO [Bonus PDF] – Whiteboard Friday

You’ve figured out what’s wrong, and you’ve delivered a laundry list of demands to your web dev team: re-index these pages, fix this duplicate content, redirect these URLs… but how often are those fixes prioritized, and how much time do you invest in pushing to get them there? Cultivating a […]

Price Lining: Definition, Strategy, & Examples

Most business’ product lineups usually consist of similar or related products. Take Coca-Cola for example – its product lineup includes a variety of beverages like Fanta, Sprite, Tropicana, etc. And even within these product lines, there are products set at different prices because they vary by their ingredients or quantity […]

Price Skimming: Definition, Strategy, & Examples

Pricing strategies make or break businesses. A product’s pricing reflects what the company aims to achieve, albeit in an indirect way. Pricing affects the way in which the business is perceived. Among the different pricing strategies, price skimming is quite important and even complements well with other implemented pricing strategies. […]

How to Live on $28,000 Per Year

Want to reach financial freedom quicker? The key is to create more cash flow in your budget so you can have more control over how you manage your money. When I first started getting my finances in order as a single mom, my goal was to live on $28,000. This […]